Just a few things you can see at CatTales KittyCats!

We have some pretty amazing kitties at CatTales! I came across these beauties today.

Kitties at CatTales

A lovely Tawny Tabby with Ody Adore eyes and a Lush tail! I would tell you what he’s hiding, but you need to come look for yourself! And that Blue Mink…to simply die for! 9 traits of gloriousness that would be a credit to any cattery. And that little Burmilla is hiding an Exotic Journey eye. But that is all I am saying! You can find them back by our Little Red Riding Hood theme…which wasn’t so great for the wolf.

Little Red Riding Hood

This cutey can be found over by the Wonderland auction area. She is sporting a Sunset eye and Cream Dreamy whiskers on a Genesis Pearl fur.

Sunset eyes with Cream Dreamy whiskers

so take a spin over, peruse the kitties, and while you are here, grab up a shop for yourself! There is always something to see and buy!

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