So…Welcome to CatTales!

CatTales is new to the KittyCats! community, but we plan on being around for quite a while. Co-owned by Micaela “Kiki” Lemondrop and Mirsoul MacBeth, we created a whimsical and fun place for you to showcase and sell your adorable KittyCats! With two areas that are the same, but different all at once.

Many of the areas at CatTales have fairy tale themes, and our auction areas are as well themed after some of our most well known tales. Our Gingerbread cottages and Candy Carts are a tribute to Hansel and Gretyl, while the farm carts and Medieval cottages are more from Snow White or Little Red Riding hood. We currently offer 3 auctions a week, Tuesday at 9am with Kiki, Thurday at 3pm with Mirsoul and Saturday at 9am with Mirsoul. See our Auction page for locations.

CatTales Cart

Gingerbread Cottage

Farm Cart

Med Cottage

Our Love area is for kitties 90-100% love that you are looking to re-home. Rent a book in our Library ruins for a week and we will help you advertise! We don’t feed your kitties so please make sure you put out some food for them!

Love area

We have managed and worked at various sims in the past, KittyCats!, Papillons, and our own clubs. We value each of our patrons and want your time at CatTales to be enjoyable and worry free.

So come over and join the fun. Collect CatTales Catnip for prizes, free panels at any of our auctions or a cart right by one of our two auction areas!

Hope to see you soon!

Kiki and Mirsoul

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