What a Great Month it has Been!

First of all….a huge thank you to all of our patrons! Kiki and I both appreciate your support and kind words. We don’t think of CatTales as a job, more of a place to call home, have fun and sell some awesome kitties. So again, thank you all!

Our rentals are slowly filling up! Keep spreading the word as our rental special will continue until…well who knows when. We want to give back to you, the community, so it may run indefinitely. If you have not been to CatTales, please come over and check us out, we offer the standard sizes (100 and 50 prim), at 1.5L per prim. And as we are fairy tale based, you can expect to see different things pop up once in a while.

Rentals filling up _)

Come over and grab up a Gingerbread house…we have two different syles, and Candy Carts for our 50 prim rentals. Inspired after Hansel and Gretyl we thought they were pretty cute. Of course fairy tales do have a dark side, so we also offer more medieval style cottages and market carts. Of course we encourage decorations, so feel free to put some up.

Mideival area

Or you can fill it with a Wall’O Kitties! These guys are very reasonably priced, you may want to check them out (grin).

Wall of kitties

More shops

So come on over, give us a try. Quiet, no stress, easy going…that’s us. Make CatTales your home, where fairy tales and magic happen every day.

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