Saturday 9am at CatTales with Mirsoul

What a GREAT lineup this morning!


Like this lovely Snowshoe Cream with Light Wash eyes! And eye that has become harder and harder to find. This beauty has all 9 traits shown and still has a couple of surprises.


Or this gorgeous Aby Dark Chocolate with Ody Bellini eyes and Blush shade…ohhh lala and topped with Latte Dreamy whiskers. This beauty sounds more like a desert!

Oh, and our feature picture up there…That my friends is one EPIC kitty. Also available at our auction this morning. We have pure Galaxy Trip eyes, Autumn Leaf eyes, Light Wash eyes, Gerbera Blue eyes…Jeepers Peepers!

Take a spin over and see our complete lineup!

7T Brn&Wht Patch-Autumn Leaf-Swanky-Soft Fold-White Plush
9T SS Cream-Light Wash-Flash-Cur-Scotty Fold-White Wavy
9T Aussie C Choc-Tap Royale-Porc-Posh-Myst-Latte Dreamy
9T Aby Dark-Ody Bel-Blush-Cur-PsF-BS D Plush
9T Aussie Blue-EJ-Flair-Shorty-Soft Curl-BS D Plush
9T BSH-Gerbera Blue-Twink-Cur-Soft Curl-Latte Snappy
7T Ben Tawny-Ody Burst-Blush-Posh-Soft Curl-Choc D Plush
5T Tonk Blue-Galaxy Trip-Cur-MoF-Choc Tipped
6T Ben Sorell-Galaxy Trip-Blush-Flame Dreamy
5T Ben Sorell-Galaxy Trip-MoF-D Choc (Sibs-Pure Galaxy Trip)

9am at CatTales!

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