Saturday 10:30am with Mirsoul

What a lineup today!! This gorgeous baby has Galaxy Star eyes! She is an adult and ready to go home with you! 7T G&W#2-Galaxy Star-Cur-Ody Rounded BooBoo-Latte D Snappy This little gal has herself in a bit of a pickle… 9T SSH-EJ-Porc-Dreamy-OrF-Choc Tip OFW This lovely Bali Cream will read your cards for you…wonder what […]

A Bob’s Life

I have traveled to so many places; usually in the arms of another…this world is easy. I ended up in this area I know not how. I simply woke up into being one day and here I was. At first I wasn’t sure, as the place I was sitting was sort of scary. It was […]

A Bob’s Life

As you all know Bob showed up randomly one day at CatTales. He is quiet, doesn’t say much, but his actions are so unconditionally kind. Something we need to see more of in this world. He brought me flowers the other day, just out of the blue. He sat there with that silly grin, and […]

Saturday 9am with Mirsoul

We have an AWESOME lineup for you this morning!! This beautiful boy is up for grabs! 9T Burm CS-Twilight-Blush-Plush-MoF-BS Dreamy This little guy is playing dangerously with the Halloween witches…but no worries, we’ll keep him safe and sound until you get here! 8T Aussie D Choc-Ody Bel-Illume-BooBoo-Soft curl-BS Myst Boys everywhere! This cutey has Chocolate […]