A Bob’s Life

I have traveled to so many places; usually in the arms of another…this world is easy. I ended up in this area I know not how. I simply woke up into being one day and here I was. At first I wasn’t sure, as the place I was sitting was sort of scary. It was a stone chair with a dragon head on it. But as I looked around it wasn’t so bad. I noticed a little green dragon on the ground so I jumped down,well more like slid down, to say hi. At first he didn’t acknowledge me…he just sat there with those big eyes pretending not to see me. He warmed up to me though and he explained this place to me. There are large gatherings of all sorts of beings…and they get all excited about these boxes with little kitties on them. Not sure why…they don’t smell like anything and they have no taste. I nibbled on the corner of one…pretty disgusting actually. It only happens every few days, and we do have some beings wandering through. Greenie and I sit very still when they approach, there is just no telling what will happen. The horned one knows there is something amiss. She caught us playing Hearthstone…and even got us fishing. She just smiled and kept looking at us, it was quite un-nerving to be honest. So we decided to bring her flowers hoping that she wouldn’t toss us to the alligator. Now THAT is one creepy dude. We just hear him laughing…and just what is up with that clock..tick tock tick tock…we have to listen to it all night long.

I was exploring the sim and found this large orange things…they look like balls but they don’t bounce. They smell funny, and taste weird. Hey I’m a plushie, don’t judge. We try everything at least once. So I was gathering them up from various little places here, they all seem to be putting them out, so I thought that they wouldn’t miss them. I came across a couple of those box things, but these kitties looked very different. So I tossed them on. I had quite the collection going on when I noticed this very colorful…well…bug…I think. Now let me tell you that was truly disgusting, all slimy an weird. He didn’t move much, and I decided I was NOT tasting that. YUK! So I am going on down the road adding to my collection and here comes the horned one, she popped right in behind me and I didn’t even hear her! I was very nervous, she would know for sure now that I could move around. But I just froze I was so afraid. She stood in front of me, looking very quizzical and then just laughed. A very haunting sound to a plushie..all this fuzz it sounds a little muffled…but hey I hear ok. She stood there for a very long time just watching me. If I had a heart thing it would have jumped out of my chest! Again, good for being a plushie…I don’t have to breathe and my heart thing doesn’t race. I just have to stand very still and hope I don’t blink. Sometimes we can’t control that. So when you think one of us has winked or something, we probably have.

She sat with me for a while, and talked, asked me questions, but I dare not answer. I could hear the alligator breathing…and somewhere in the trees was an owl. Maybe next time I will nod, or move my ears…I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just keep things the way they are for now. I think I fell asleep waiting for her to leave…sleeping for a plushie is a very odd thing. It’s like I’m there…and then POOF! I’m not there. This state of being is taking some getting used to. I need to talk to Greenie about these orange things, see if he knows anything.


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