A Bob’s Life

As you all know Bob showed up randomly one day at CatTales. He is quiet, doesn’t say much, but his actions are so unconditionally kind. Something we need to see more of in this world.

He brought me flowers the other day, just out of the blue. He sat there with that silly grin, and wide open eyes. I think he was trying to look innocent, but it didn’t work so well. I laughed and just patted him on the head; his ears flopped around making me laugh even more. He sat there in his quiet way and watched me get ready for my auction, holding those flowers. I often wonder where he came from, how he got here and just what he has encountered on his mysterious journey’s. I would glance over at him and he would just smile back at me.

He has struck up quite the friendship with my dragon, Greenie Meanie. They have played Hearthstone until the wee hours of the morning. Actually I think they played for a couple of days…aaahh…to be a plushie or a dragon and never have to sleep. Would be interesting for sure. The other day they went fishing. Magically my fishbowl had a small little guy in there, a friend of Bob I am sure. But there they both sat, smiling, fishing lines dangling into the bowl. That little fish poked at the lines, and would dart away. I wondered if he was laughing at Bob and Greenie for even trying this trick. They both looked very intent on trying to catch him. I am not sure what became of the fish, as he was gone the next day….I eyed Bob and Greenie suspiciously and asked them…but they just sat there and smiled at me. I still don’t know if the little guy got away or if Greenie actually ate him.


It’s funny how you start to look forward to certain things. How one little event will make you smile the rest of the day. I do hope Bob sticks around and he continues to wander CatTales having adventures. I know I look forward to seeing him everyday. I noticed him outside my auction area the other day…gathering pumpkins and kitties up. I wonder what he is up to? I will have to ask him and see if maybe he will give me an answer. I think he may have just winked at me…but I can’t be sure.

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