A Plushie named Bob

So Bob just showed up one day, in my chair at auction. He was a nice plushie so I shared my dragon throne with him. He is quiet, doesn’t say much at all, and his needs are very little. Just a place to hang out is all he needs.

My little dragon took quite a liking to him, and now they are D&D buddies. Who woulda guessed?

ROFL…I love my friends.

I logged into auction and Bob was indeed sitting in my chair. This brought a huge smile to my face after an otherwise hectic weekend with Hurricane Matthew.

Tonight, I pop down there and he is playing Hearthstone with my tipjar Dragon 😀 😀

Many <3 and hugs to the one who arranged Bob And Greenie Meanie's play date! You make my heart smile 🙂

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