Halloween at CatTales..and so much more!

Our patrons have went all out decorating for Halloween! While our contest is almost over, you can still take a spin over and check out the spookiness, and the amazing kitties that out for sale. Our winner will be announced on Monday and they will receive a FREE month of rent added to their shop or cart. Haven’t voted for your favorite shop? There is still time to pop over and help your friend out. You can use our Merchant Directory to teleport right to them!! Yes that’s right folks, Kiki has been working hard to make sure you can find your favorite shop easily! Here is the link to our directory: http://cattal.es/cattales-merchant-directory/

CatTales has also added some additional prims, so we are growing, just a little bit. This will enable us to add accessory shops! So, if you make caps, collars, clothes or other cute KittyCats accessories, we will have a spot for you! There will also be a couple of additional auction spots as we expand. We currently have one auctioneers spot available. So if you know someone that wants to auction, send them our way.

More updates to be posted later! In the meantime here are a few pictures of our decoration contest. Happy Halloween!




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