Thursday 3pm with Mirsoul

What a lineup today! We have some spectacular kitties for you to come over and take a look at!

Like this lovely Burmilla Black Silver Shaded. He is also a Megapus!

And how often do we see a Bengal Silver? Almost never! But we have an EPIC one here today!

Our full line up follows:

7T SS Lilac-Glitter-BooBoo-PSF-White Cur PETITE (hides Burmilla BS or Choc)
9T Ben Sil-Onyx-Glitter-Cur-Soft Fold-BW Myst
9T Oci CinSil-tap Harvest-Glitter-Dreamy-Rounded-Latte Myst
8T BW#3-Onyx-Fluffy-Scotty-Latte Cur (OMG this pedigree!)
9T Blue Tabby-Crystal Dream-Twink-Posh-Dreamy Fold-C Choc Plush
8T Aussie Snow-Crystal Dream-Twink-Posh-Rounded-White Wavy
8T Burmilla BS-Crystal Dream-Blush-Posh-Scotty-BW OFW MEGA
9T Tonk Blue Point-Changing Leaf-Porc-Lush-MoF-BS D Plush
9T Choc Tort-Fancie Indigo-Twink-Lush-Scotty-Dusky Myst
8T Red Tabby-Malachite-Twink-Scotty-Flame Light Wave
9T Aussie Blue-Ody Bel-Blush-cur-OrF-Latte Plush

AP: Aby Lilac-Galaxy Sun-Illume-Myst-Rounded Booboo-Latte Myst
Raffle: Blue Tabby-Plat-Myst-PsF-White Frazzled

Come on over and join the fun at CatTales! 3PM today!

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