CatTales Happenings!

Did you know Cat Tales now has bidboards? We also have an accessory area and love area as well! We are growing fast to offer our renters all the best ways to  sell their cats and accessories! We also help you advertise your shops and we have listed them on the Merchant Directory! Bidboards are […]

Saturday Seconds with Mirsoul at 10:30

What a great lineup we have today! We have some brand spanking new Monochrome Whiskers up for grabs (unfortunately I can’t get a good picture)! But…here are some pictures of the kitties that have been birthed!     8T Burmilla Red-Tap Royale-Posh-Drmy Fold-BS BooBoo   8T Silver Tab-Gal Sun-Illume-Frisky-D Choc Drmy   9T Burmilla Choc-EJ-Porc-Posh-Soft […]

A Bob’s Life

Halloween! What a very peculiar holiday. Greenie explained the orange ball things. They are pumpkins and usually the people carve scary faces into them, or make pie out of them. I was amazed at this concept and decided to try it. I think the outcome was pretty good. Greenie on the other hand…well…he ended up […]

Cat Tales has expanded!

Hi everyone, If you haven’t noticed there are some new shops around Drake’s Neverland auction area. That’s right, Cat Tales has expanded! Offering more shops and carts, and a brand new auction being held by Drake on Saturday’s at 9Am. Bidboards have also been added and are 50L per day and can be rented one […]

A Bob’s Life

I have learned quite a bit from my friend Greenie. He has lived here in this world for quite a bit longer than I. I discovered a thing called pissa…pitza…not sure how to spell it. But it was quite tasty! Actually Greenie made it appear, and we found a box that made noise and had […]