A Bob’s Life

I have learned quite a bit from my friend Greenie. He has lived here in this world for quite a bit longer than I. I discovered a thing called pissa…pitza…not sure how to spell it. But it was quite tasty! Actually Greenie made it appear, and we found a box that made noise and had pictures. It was quite amusing. According to the noise box, it was called Foot Ball. I know not why, because most of the time the people carried the ball. It was quite odd. The outfits made me giggle a bit as Greenie explained most humans are fragile things and they need lots of padding to protect them. After watching the game, I can understand why. They jump on each other and fall to the ground where the rest of them pile on top. Very odd game to me.



The pitza was delicious though. It was hot, spicy and made my mouth warm. But Greenie was right, we did eat the whole thing. And I felt very, well…full afterwards *laughs*. I must admit I am enjoying my time here. The horned one pops in from time to time. I brought her wine…red and white. Greenie was not sure which she liked so we decided on both. We raided one of the shops and collected it all. Hope they don’t miss it. We did put the glasses and tray back though. We even washed them…but I am not sure the sea water was a good idea.

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