A Bob’s Life

Halloween! What a very peculiar holiday. Greenie explained the orange ball things. They are pumpkins and usually the people carve scary faces into them, or make pie out of them. I was amazed at this concept and decided to try it. I think the outcome was pretty good. Greenie on the other hand…well…he ended up eating his. Silly dragon.


The place where we live is growing, and they needed help, so I decided to help out by making a training manual. Greenie helped of course, he has been here much longer than I and knows the in’s and out’s. I do hope that they appreciated what we are doing, Greenie and I. We try very hard to not get in trouble, and stay in our area. But sometimes we wander out. Like to the new area…there is a boat, and animals…and new cottages. Oh…and and island that looks like a huge scull! I was a little scared at first, but after a while I stopped looking over my shoulder and just enjoyed running across the bridges with Greenie. They move when we run across them…Greenie almost fell off…almost. I think the bear was hoping he would…he looks pretty hungry. So we waited until he fell asleep and we ran home.

We were pretty hungry when we got home. So we grilled some pumpkin on a stick..it wasn’t bad. We are going to explore the scull island, maybe we will find some pirates, or a treasure…or maybe just an adventure. Oh yeah..I almost forgot! Winter is coming, and I heard something about a contest. Not sure though I will have to be very quiet next time and pay attention. I am finding that harder and harder to do, there is so much to see and do.


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