It’s a Bob’s Life

Greenie and I are plotting out our plan to the scull place.  It still makes me nervous, I saw something in the water over there, and that bear.  I told Greenie we would need to feed the bear, he suggested we feed him one of the funny boxes with a kittycat picture.  He actually suggested one of mine! He said they looked rather tasty…and while I admit they do…I just don’t think they are food.  So we had a little class on what is NOT food.  Silly dragon, he’ll eat anything.


I decided to have some fun with the Horned One.  Her dragon chair is much too serious, and since we like to have fun here and laugh, I decided to give it a…well…a NEW face.  At least I kept the teeth…I almost fell off the chair I was laughing so hard.  Greenie came to the rescue though, well he can’t fly yet, but at least he stood under me just in case.  I am not sure how soft of a landing that would have been, but hey it’s the thought that counted.


OHHH…we found this mechanical thing!  I am not sure what it is for, but when we got on it….IT MOVED! All I did was turn this shiny thing that was sort of dangling there…I couldn’t help it ok? Shiny is good in my book.  But this time it almost got me into trouble. It started to move and it wouldn’t stop!  I was trying to turn the wheel thing in front of me, but it just kept going all over the place.  And it was so LOUD! And black smoke was puffing out of it…THAT smelled horrible let me tell you.  Greenie was making this awful screeching sound, and I think I may have screeched back, but I am not sure.  The whole thing is almost like a blur now…I think I understand this fear thing a little better, and I don’t like it.  Well I was so intent on trying to stop the thing that I ran into the wall.  It made a horrible noise as it came to a stop.  But at least it stopped.  The wheels were still turning and grass was going everywhere…flying about in big chunks…That part was sort of funny as I pictured Greenie standing back there getting hit by the grass…I did giggle, but just a bit.  I turned the shiny thing again and it stopped!  Why oh why didn’t I think of that before?! Well I won’t be messing with that again.  It’s just too risky, who knows what this thing will do, or what it’s for.  And why would someone leave that thing just sitting around?!


Greenie was under it trying to figure out how to get us unstuck…when it moved! I think the wall started to crumble,  I was really afraid that it was going to fall on him, but it didn’t.  I have become attached to the little guy, and I think he feels the same way about me.  That goofy look on his face, makes me laugh every time.


So we made it out of this adventure.  Had some fun in the process, I learned about fear and of course my best buddy Greenie, he does have a heart of gold.  Wait…I wonder if that means it is really made of Gold?  Why does everyone say that?  I mean really?  Hmmm…further investigation into that may be necessary.

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