Saturday Seconds with Mirsoul at 10:30

What a great lineup we have today! We have some brand spanking new Monochrome Whiskers up for grabs (unfortunately I can’t get a good picture)!

But…here are some pictures of the kitties that have been birthed!




8T Burmilla Red-Tap Royale-Posh-Drmy Fold-BS BooBoo



8T Silver Tab-Gal Sun-Illume-Frisky-D Choc Drmy



9T Burmilla Choc-EJ-Porc-Posh-Soft Curl-Latte Drmy



9T BSH-Ody Bel-Twink-BooBoo-MoF-Latte Myst MEGA


And the rest of our lineup is below! Don’t miss out on a chance to take one (or more) of these babies home with you!

MateyCatS! – Cap’n Pumpkin
4T MaineCoon Washed-Swanky-MONOCHROME Myst
9T Aby D Choc-Ody Bel-Glitter-Puff-MoF-Latte D Plush
9T Aby Lilac-Crystal Clear-Flash-Cur-Soft Curl-Black Cur
9T Aussie L Choc-Crystal Drm-Twink-Myst-Soft Curl-BW Cur
9T Crm&Wht Tab-Gal Moon-Porc-Posh-PsF-Latte D Snappy
7T Aussie Blue-Gal Moon-Twink-Posh-MoF-Choc Tip Snappy
8T Aussie Blue-Gal Sun-Blush-Fussy-White Light Wave

10:30am at CatTales!

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Saturday 9am with Mirsoul

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