It’s a Bob’s Life

People are so….odd.  There is this holiday called Thanksgiving where they cook lots of different food and sit around and eat all day.  So, Greenie and I thought we would give it a try.  Well, let me tell you what a day that was! It started off alright, Greenie and I got up, we went over to visit the Grocery Store.  Let me tell you what an experience THAT was! There were people, elves, dwarves, a couple of things that we had no idea what they were supposed to be, and some aliens just to name a few.  Greenie growled and huffed smoke the entire time we were in there, I tried my best to calm him down, but he did end up scorching some polka dotted furry thing with a huge tail, and not the kind of tail you wag if you know what I mean.  That is something I will have a hard time forgetting, let me tell you.  We looked around for food items, but we were kind of unsure what to buy so we just watched.  First thing everyone had was this big lumpy thing called Turkey.  We found cans of stuff too!  So we grabbed some corn (which was pretty tasty I will admit) and yams (they were not bad), and peas (which were gross, I am not sure why people eat these!). Greenie found this brightly colored package called Ham.  I am not sure even now what this is, but it was very good!

We met this huge bird on our way home, Tom.  We convinced him to join us by promising him we wouldn’t eat him.  Now why would we do that?


The horned one showed up just as we sat down.  Tom was very afraid that he was doomed. But the horned one just smiled, and stood and looked at us.  I think she may have even giggled a few times.


Greenie was very hungry, he was sort of upset that the horned one stood around for a bit.  His stomach growled and I am pretty sure she heard it.


She did not stay long though, which was a good thing as Tom was ready to bolt and run.  Poor guy, I think a couple of his feathers even dropped off. But we ate, and laughed, Greenie even snorted and fire came out his nose! This made Tom laugh so hard he gobbled!!  I had tears streaming down my face at that one let me tell you!  We had a very good time, as no one appeared after the horned one left.  So I guess this is what Thanksgiving really is, friends having a good time and just enjoying some food.    We decided that we would do this every year, and Tom promised he would try to make it back.  He had a sad look about him, and I finally had to ask him why.  I was horrified at the answer he gave me…as it turns out the lumpy thing that we got with the Ham is a REAL turkey! I felt really bad for Tom, and didn’t know what to say.  We hugged him and told him that hopefully with Thanksgiving over, he would be safe to return home.  We watched him as he scurried across the land, I yelled to him to be careful of the bear and the crocodile, I do hope he heard me.

Greenie stood there for along time after Tom left, just staring.  I sat down beside him and asked if he was ok…he looked at me and said “Do you think we ate Tom’s cousin? I really hope not, but it was still good.” I  just shook my head at him.



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