It’s a Bob’s Life

Whew…it has been a weird few days.  I wake up and the place we live has changed.  It was like magic! The lights changed colors, and there is this huge tree in the center of the circle of kitties.  The circle is sort of odd, they all sit there very quietly, and oh so still.  I have sat and watched them, those kitties.  People come in and look at them, some of them leave with a kitty, some don’t.  The crocodile has been trying to get me to bring him one.  I have tried to tell him they are not food, but he is still insisting.  I am convinced he is trying to get me into trouble.  Anyway, so the big tree.  It’s huge, and white, and has these red sparkly ball things hanging from it.  Greenie isn’t sure but he thinks it’s a holiday for the humans.  So then the next day, there is a tree in our yard, but this one is different.  It smells nice, and is covered in this white stuff that melts, but don’t taste it…it tastes like the tree.  While it smells nice, it tastes horrible!  Then…another thing popped up.  It looks sort of like a cat.  I think it is made from the same white stuff on the tree.  The Bear said it is called snow.  Yes….Greenie and I ventured over there…we had no one else to ask.  We kept our distance though, but the Bear seemed very sleepy and not at all interested in us.  So maybe he is not so bad after all.

Greenie and I were playing, jumping on the benches, and for a moment I thought Greenie was going to fly! I cheered him on, it was very exciting; I was jumping up and down and once…as I jumped he tried to fly and I went smack into that tree.  I was stuck!  Greenie just laughed and laughed until he snorted smoke.  I couldn’t be mad at him after that.  but I had to get out of that tree.  There I was my butt hanging out, feet dangling, and the branches tickling my ears…what a couple of days I had.  Greenie just couldn’t pull hard enough to get me out, so he asked the Crocodile for help.  I will admit I was bit nervous when he came lumbering over..tick tock tick tock.  And what is up with that silly alarm clock?  I mean really?? Someday I will get enough nerve to ask him, but not today..oh no not today.  Greenie held his clock ever so carefully, and the Crock reached up and grabbed my foot.  I could feel his teeth and I really thought he was going to eat me…but he didn’t! He pulled me out of that tree and plopped me down on my head, took his clock from Greenie and started back over to the tent thing.  He glanced back at me and I did thank him…but he said I owed him one.  I am not sure what that means, as the Croc never gets stuck anywhere, and I am not sure I could move him even if he did.  Oh well, I was out of the tree!


I decided to add my own decorations so I dressed up like the cat thing, complete with stick arms.  I will admit though it does get a little cold.  I noticed some milk and cookies on the sled…I may have to munch those down later with Greenie.  No one else seems to want them, so why not.  Greenie even got in the spirit and dressed up.  I am not sure who he is supposed to be, but it reminds me of a gnome or an elf.  He said he is now Saint Nick.  Who in the stuffing is that?  I need to find out, as Greenie didn’t have much information on him.  Silly Dragon, Saint Nick could be…well…he could be anything.




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