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Greenie and I have been very busy.  It seems like these human holidays last for a very long time.  This last one really made us sleepy.  Which is why you have not heard from me.  It’s this thing called New Year, and the people around here take it very seriously and they literally stay up all night and laugh and drink spirits.  I am not sure about drinking spirits, that sounds very scary and not something I would wish to do.  Leave the spirits alone!   Anyway Greenie and I set up some drinks and we found these really cool firesticks called sparklers.  They were fun let me tell you.  But if you look at them too long, your eyes go all wonky.  Poor Greenie he couldn’t help but to be drawn to the fire..he saw spots for days.  I thought he was coming down with some sort of weird dragon sickness, but he got better.

Happy New Years

We even set up some fireboxes.  There were loads of fun and shot sparkly stuff up into the sky.  One of our people friends helped out a bit and made it say our names!  Greenie was so excited about that….well…ok so was I.  You have to admit it was pretty cool.  But now that the holidays are over, what will we do?  Wait, there is something called Valentine’s Day.  Greenie was telling me about it, it sounds like yet another weird holiday.  Giving away hearts is sort of well, gross.  But Greenie assures me that it is ok, as they are made out of paper.  We’ll see, I am not very optimistic about it.  The Crocodile wandered over yesterday, he caught us napping and I really think that if I had not woken up he would eaten one of us.  But he winked at me and said we need to check out the pirate ship…still not sure if I trust that croc.  But I do remember a little boat in the lagoon, that may be fun. I’ll have to ask Greenie what he thinks, once he wakes up.  Maybe I should poke him with a stick or something? j

Oh, remember those milk and cookies.  Well I couldn’t resist any longer.  I ate them.  The cookies were wonderful, I am still on the fence about the milk.

Bob Sled

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