Apologies and Explanations

Hello, everybody.

I want to start off by apologizing for the times where auction has been abruptly canceled.  I hate canceling auctions, and I’m sure you hate having them canceled. I really am sorry about that.

I feel that I owe you guys a bit of an explanation, because I recognize that my Tuesday auctions have been canceled or postponed a lot more frequently than I would like.  I’m afraid that I am not in the very best of health, and have been auctioning from a hospital bed for quite some time.  Please don’t worry, as I’ve not been diagnosed with any terminal illness, and I’m making the best of the situation, I promise.   I just want you all to know that I don’t mean to have to postpone or cancel auctions, and I don’t mean to cause any sort of problem or disruptions for any of you.   I hope that you can all be patient with me, and forgive me for at least some of the times where I just can’t manage to call the auction.

Thanks for putting up with me, CatTales.  =)

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