CatTales Merchant Directory

Below you will find direct teleports to our fine felines merchants in the CatTales Market. If you have any questions or concerns, including your shop’s name being overlooked or you want the name changed, or if your shop is missing from the directory, please contact Kiki (Micaela Lemondrop) or Mirsoul MacBeth (Mirsoul Resident) in world.

BaBy Girl Vengeance

Mad Cat in a Box – Bunny Nommington


Diaa’s KittyCats – Diamond Streusel

Aima Darkfold

DNBDave’s KittyCats – DNBDave

Sister’s Folly – Sister (SisterButta)

Charisma Spellhunter

F&Z’s Kittys – Fosia Spitfire and  ƶɨƮą ǥřǿƮ (zitacarpaccio69)

Tempest in a Teapot – Aidenvaleska

Diva’s Divine Darlings – DivaEddy Slade

Jan’s KittyCats! – Jan Zabelin

Haute Catoure – Reven Rosca & Miss Sasha

Cheeky Devil Kitty Cats– David J

Jolita Korobase

Valyrian Cats – Phoenixfire01 (Red)

Mondi’s Cute Kitty’s – Mondgefluester

Cute Kitties – Mandy Rennahan

Breeding Rainbow Cattery – Brie Cruze (Reverie)


Mels’ Belle and Beau –  Melinda Jensen


Gracefully Pawed – Aubrey Grace Bracken (dreampoetz)

Arwen’s Kitties – Arwen Swordhain

Kathy’s Cute Kittycats – Kathy Wolf (Kathy0831)

Vievien Simondsen 


Classy Kitties Acessory Shop – Lady Fi

Mandy Renahan’s Accessory Shop




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