Customer Appreciation and Spring Decor Contest

Let me start this post by saying thank you to everyone that has supported CatTales, whether it be by coming to our auctions or renting a shop or cart from us, putting a kitty in our Love Library, or trying out our bid boards.  We have decided to change our rental structure to show our appreciation.


We have a few things going on here at CatTales so let me tell you about what is going on.

number one

Customer Appreciation has replaced our Refer A Friend program for our current patrons.  You have been with us (some of you from the beginning) as we have grown, and we know that times are tough in the breedables community.  So to make things a little easier; for each time you pay your rent forward two weeks, an additional week will automatically get added to your rental box.  It has been set up in our rental system and will be a permanent change, it will not get taken away.



New Patrons, our Spring Rental Special will run through March 31st.  So if you come in as a new renter and rent for two weeks, you get two free.  When you pay,  a week will automatically get added to your rental,  Kiki or I (Mirsoul) will add the additional week.


Spring Decoration Contest.  This will get three lucky people some free rent.  Winner will be pulled on March 20th.  Voting boxes will be put out at cottages or carts where I see decorations.  If I miss you please contact me in world to get you one.  Teleport your friends in to vote for you and that’s it.

First Place Free Month of rent

Second Place Two Weeks Free

Third Place One Week Free

So welcome to CatTales, and thank you.  Keep an eye out for more events and contests.


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