No Theme Thursday at 3pm with Mirsoul

So many gorgeous kitties here today! Monochrome whiskers, Soul Whisper eyes, Old furs, New furs…we seriously have it all. ┬áDon’t miss out on your chance to take one of these home to your cattery!

Panel 1

7T Toyger Tan-Ody Bel-Dreamy-Booboo-Flame D Plush TEACUP

Panel 2

7T Burmilla Red-Jade-Porc-Stubby-Soft Curl-BS

Panel 3

7T Red Tabby-Frost-Flash-Cur-Foxie-Dusky

Panel 4

Panel 4

8T Tonk Blue-Gal Star-Blush-Fluffy-Dreamy Fold-Latte D Plush

Panel 5

Panel 5

8T Siam Seal-Tap Royale-Glitter-Lush-Soft Curl-Latte D Plush

Panel 6

Panel 6

9T Burmilla Blue-Dry Olive-Flair-Dreamy-OrF-Latte OFW

Panel 7
8T Aby Dark-Tap Royale-Blush-Stubby-Myst-Monochrome Stubby

Panel 8

Panel 8
9T Burmese Blue-Exotic Breeze-Blush-Posh-Myst-Choc Tipped D Plush

Panel 9

Panel 10
5T Red Tabby-Porc-Plush-Monochrome Fussy

6T Mocha-Soul Whisper-Illume-Posh-Rounded-Stubby

AP: 9T Bali Crm-Huckleberry-Glitter-BooBoo-Scotty-White Myst
Raffle: 8T SS Crm-Ody Bel-Flash-Frisky-Rounded Fold-White Myst


Join me for fun, fur and Fantastical Kitties!

CatTales, where every good tale needs a cat!


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