Something Exciting Happening at CatTales Kittycats!

As many of you know Kiki has been hard at work creating a new build.  We have new cottages (that all match!), new carts, new accessory area, it’s all been recreated and updated.  Here are a few snapshots of what you can expect, and of course there will always be unexpected surprises at CatTales.  Little areas where you can hang out, take some photos or just enjoy the scenes that we have set up.

Privet Drive Accessory shop

Welcome to our version of Privet Drive, our new Accessory Shop area (Complete with owls of course!).  Each shop has a spot for your sign, all you need to do is drop your texture in.  These are scripted to recognize you as the renter so only you can change it.  And that cute little flower pot?  That is your rental box.  Kiki has made them all blend in with the surrounding area.  She is awesome that way.  AND, all of our rental boxes will update with our website for the Merchant Directory.  So it will always be up to date with your current location!  Makes it much easier for potential buyers to find your products and kittycats.


Our new carts in various colors.  Each one is 65 prims and these as well have a place for your sign.


Snapshot _ CatTales-KittyCats! Secondary Market and Auctions, E

New cottages, each 130 prims.  They are textured in various colors and a place for your business graphic.

Love Library

The Love Library got an update as well! Pink books for girls, and blue for boys.  Still only 1L per week and as always we help you advertise.

Cat Tree

Even some of our trees received a new look.  Cat face trees?  Why not?!


The Adoption Barn is getting an update. So you will still have a place to sell those kitties that are not at the 90% love requirement, are permapets, or collector kitties.  CatTales will always strive to give you a fun and relaxed place to sell your KittyCats and accessories.  So come on over, check us out and reserve a shop or cart.  The new build will be dropped on April 23rd, so CatTales will be closed for part of that day to finish up the area and allow our auctioneers time to move or rebuild their auction areas.  And as a thank you to our current patrons, we will be giving you each a free week for the interruption of your business!  We are happy you have all decided to continue with us on this adventure as CatTales grows.



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