A Word About Our Auction Rules

Hi there, CatTales Admin here again, and though really, you don’t usually hear a lot from me, in the past few days a couple of issues have come up that we, the staff as a whole, have felt do need to be addressed.

You can find the complete list of our auction rules right here.  We have tried to make sure that our rules are not horribly restrictive, but it seems that the one we keep running into issues with is Rule No. 6 which states that you must own at least one grandparent of the kitty you place in auction.

We have been asked a few times why this rule is in place, particularly by new patrons, customers, and brand-new breeders.  We are not trying to be exclusionary with this rule.  None of our auctioneers enjoy having to ask you to replace your cat, and none of our auctioneers want to exclude new breeders who may not have many lines of their own just yet.  We think, though, that auctions are a time for showcasing cats that you’ve put some effort into.  Any cat at all can be set for sale in your shops, but we want to see what you’re pleased with and proud of from your efforts at auction.

So, that’s the largest part of our reasoning behind the Grandparent Rule, but there are additional reasons, not the least of which being that we do not want to see any ill-will being fostered among our patrons.  Some patrons are of the mindset that it’s hardly very fair for someone else to be praised for a line that they have worked long and hard on, because Person B bought two of Person A’s cats, and then brought the first offspring to auction.   We hope that you can understand how that might feel like a bit of a kick in the teeth to some.  Sure, there are loads of breeders who feel differently about that situation, and are instead flattered that someone thought so highly of their kitties that they wanted to continue that line as-is.  But no two KittyCatS breeders feel exactly the same way, and we don’t want to see auctions resulting in hurt feelings, ever.  Auctions are meant to be fun!

4 thoughts on “A Word About Our Auction Rules
  1. I disagree with this rule it should not be implemented it is biased. And un welcoming to new breeders.

    1. I’m sorry that you feel this way, but I think if you spend any time at CatTales or get to know any of our auctioneers, the last thing you will find is that any of them are unwelcoming.

      Thank you, though, for sharing your thoughts.

  2. The only problem with this policy is that I often sell my breeders, both grandparents and parents as 100% Lives, as I get newer breeders. The pedigree then shows different owners, even though I have bred them all. Kittycats made a bad decision to not show the breeder names years ago to the public.

    1. If you speak with your auctioneer about this, and let them know, they are usually happy to accept your cat. We do understand that this happens.

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