Dear Everyone

Hi there.  This is your resident CatTales Admin speaking.  You don’t usually hear a lot from me, but I felt that it was somewhat important to say a few things today.

As most of you know, we had to cancel auctions today, Saturday 6 May.  We didn’t really want to do this. First and foremost, all of our auctioneers love auctioning your cats.  Secondly, we realize it can impact you financially.  Lastly, it also impacts our auctioneers financially.   We never want to cancel auctions.

We recognize that the cancellation of today’s auctions was and is inconvenient for you.  We truly are sorry.

With all of that said, the decision to cancel today’s auctions was really, largely,  out of our hands, and there wasn’t a better choice to make.

Our auctioneers depend upon KittyCatS pedigrees (and no, we do not depend on the profilers, though they are helpful) to give you accurate information about every cat on every panel.  When the pedigree pages can not be reached, or when they can not be reached in a timely manner, we are unable to give you that information.  Information that you’ll definitely want to know, about what the cat is potentially hiding, especially when traits jump out that aren’t on either parent.  None of our auctioneers feel comfortable about giving inaccurate or incomplete information about a cat that you may want to invest your money into.  And it should make you feel a lot more comfortable about auctioning with us that accuracy and completeness of information are so important to our auctioneers.

The issues that led up to the cancellation of today’s auctions are entirely out of our hands, and to be honest and fair, they are also entirely out of the hands of KittyCatS themselves.  If an internet backbone is under attack or otherwise suffers catastrophic failure, etc, then vast numbers of sites may become unreachable.  As we speak, right now, an internet backbone is suffering some extreme outage and it is affecting large areas of the US.  This is not KittyCatS fault. This is not CatTales fault. This is not even the fault of KittyCatS’ ISP – and rest assured everyone involved is doing what they can to make things better, but these things take time.  No one likes to have people angry and upset at them because things aren’t working as they are intended to.

We, at CatTales, apologize again for disappointment or inconvenience that this may have caused you today.  We always try to do our best for our customers and patrons, and we hope you understand.

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