Early Bird 6am Auction with Mirsoul

Amazing kitties up for grabs.  Join me at CatTales and get in on our One Year Anniversary Raffle!

7T BL Mink Tort-Tap Royale-Frisky-PsF-Black Swanky
9T Plush Calico-Ody Bel-blush-fluffy-Scotty-Dusky Plush
9T R Black-Gal Neb-Porc-Myst-Scotty-White D Plush
9T Choc Tort-Jade-Porc-Tiger Curl-Ody 1-D Choc Frazz
8T BSH-EJ-Plush-Scotty-Choc Swanky
8T BSH-EJ-Cur-Soctty-Choc Swanky
9T Tonk Nat-Dry Olive-Porc-Cur-MoF-BS D Plush TOY
9T Tonk Blue-Frost-Porc-Puff-MoF-Latte Drmy
8T Russian Blue-Rain Prism-Glitter-Plush-Myst-Myst
7T Bali Crm-Ody Rain-Twink-Cur-Rounded-Myst

AP: 9T SS Lilac-Exotic Brz-Twink-Puff-Soft Curl-White Wavy
Raffle: 9T Burmilla Choc-Gal Sun-Twink-BooBoo-MoF-Latte D Plush

Join us for fun, fur and fantasical kitties!

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