Saturday 9am with Mirsoul at CatTales

What an AMAZING lineup we have this morning!  Come on over and join us.

9T Pinkie-Ody Bel-Blush-Stub-Scotty-Cream D Plush
9T Foxie Soft Black-Jade-blush-Tiger Curl-Soft Curl-BW Wavy
8T Crm&Wht #1-EJ-Posh-PsF-Cream D Plush
9T R Black-Dry Olive-Blush-Tiger Curl-Ody 1-Blk OFW
7T Toger Caramel-Ody Bel-Fluffy-Ody 1-Choc D Plush
9T Aby Dark-Gal Star-Twink-Posh-Scotty-Latte Drmy
9T Bali Crm-Mint Julep-Twink-Cur-Myst-Wht Myst
9T Burmilla BS-Ody Wonder-Twink-Posh-Scotty-BW Drmy

AP: 9T Burmilla Choc-Gal Sun-Twink-BooBoo-MoF-Latte D Plush
Raffle: 7T Tonk Blue Pnt-Ody Bel-Porc-Plush-Pixie-Sassy

9:00am at CatTales!

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