Thursday 3pm with Mirsoul at CatTales

We have a SPECTACULAR lineup today for you!  Come over and join us for fun, fur and fantastical kitties!

7T Aus Lilac-Ody Wonder-Twink-Swank-Rounded
9T Aus Blue-Fancie Rose-Twink-Posh-Soft Curl-Flame BooBoo
8T Tonk Blue-EJ-Blush-Fluffy-Drmy Fold-Duskly Swank MEGA
7T Burmilla Choc-Ody Bel-Porc-Myst-Soft Curl-Flame Stubby TOY
9T Silver&Wht Tab-Onyx-Blush-Posh-Scotty-BW Drmy
9T R Black-Gal Sun-Illume-fluffy-Scotty-Choc Tip Plush
6T Burmilla Choc-Flair-MoF-Flame OFW (Caramel Hider!)
8T Caramel-EJ-Flair-Puff-Ody 2-Latte OFW
Painted Love! – Cupid Disarmed Mono

AP: 7T Tonk Blue Pnt-Soul Spark-Porc-Lush-Scotty-D Plush
Raffle: 9T Aus Snow-Soul Spark-Glitter-Fluffy-MoF-Wht Myst

3:00 pm At CatTales

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