Thursday 3pm with Mirsoul at CatTales

We have an AMAZING lineup today for you!

Toyger Caramel

Aussie Charcoal

Mountain Mist eyes

Here is the complete lineup.  Come on over and join us for some fun!

9T Tonk Blue-Tap Roy-Glitter-Fluffy-Drmy Fold-Choc tip D Drmy
6T Ben Black-Mountain Mist-Flair-Scotty-Latte
9T Slate&Wht #1-Ody Sorbet-Porc-Plush-PsF-Flame Myst
9T Ben Black-Wild Cherry-glitter-Myst-PsF-Blk Drmy
5T Aus Charcoal-Glitter-Myst-BooBoo-D Snappy
9T 3Spot-Caramel-Porc-Drmy-BooBoo-Blk Swanky TEACUP
5T Toyger Car-Ody Bel-Myst-Latte OFW
9t Oci ES-Dry Olive-Twink-Drmy-Soft Curl-BW Snappy
8T Toyger Tan-Ody Fire&Rain-Porc-Big BooBoo-Myst-BS Drmy
9T Ben Tawny-Gal Com-Twink-Myst-Pixie-Wht Myst MEGAPUS

AP: 8T Burm Sable-Exot Brz-Myst-Cur-White Myst (Opaline Hider)
Raffle: 7T Aby Blue-Peach Bel-Drmy-PsF-Latte

3:00 pm At CatTales

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