Thursday 3pm with Mirsoul at CatTales

What another amazing lineup today!  Take the ride over and join us for fun, fur and fantastical kitties!

9T Foxie Black-Jade-Porc-Snappy-Wild Tiger-BW Wavy
8T Toyger Tan-Ody Bel-Illume-MoF-D Choc D Plush
8T Tonk Nat Mink-Tap Harv-Twink-Snappy-Soft Curl-Latte Snappy
8T Ben Tawny-Gal Com-Porc-Fluffy-MoF-D Plush
9T Ben Tawny-Onyx-Twink-cur-PsF-D Choc Plush (1/2 sibs)
7T Auss Snow-Dry Olive-blush-wild tiger-Stubby
9T R Black-Blacklight-Glitter-Myst-Round-White Myst
7T Siam Seal-Soul Whisp-Flair-Puff-BS D Plush BdB
7T Toyger Caramel-Dry Olive-Illume-Plush-Myst-Latte D Plush
5T SS Red-Glitter-Wild-O Rounded BooBoo-Choc Tip MEGA (possible Choc Tipped Flame hider)
9T Burmese Flame-Ody Bel-Blush-Fussy-Scotty-Flame Drmy

AP: 8T Burmilla Blue-Gal Burst-Porc-Fluffy-Scotty-Black D Plush
Raffle: Aby Ruddy-Tranq-blush-Pixie-White Swank

 Join us this afternoon at 3pm

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