Thursday 3pm with Mirsoul at CatTales KittyCats

¬†What an EPIC lineup! Don’t miss out on these EPIC babies!

9T Toyger Tan-Canary-Twink-BooBoo-Round-BW BooBoo
9T Tonk Blue-EJ-Twink-Posh-Soft Curl-BS Fussy
8T Burmilla Choc-Ody Bel-Porc-Drmy-PsF-D Choc Swank PETITE
9T Coffe&Crm-Onyx-Flash-Fussy-Soft Curl-BS Drmy

9T Tonk Bue-Jade-Twink-Tiger Curl-Wild Tiger-Latte D Plush

9T Aus blue-Gerb Blue-Twink-Lush-Scotty-Flame Drmy
7T Siam Blue-Tap Org-Blush-Wild-Vamp-D Choc
7T Siam Blue-EJ-Super Posh-Vamp-D Choc D Plush (Sibs)
5T Appleberry-Fire-Cur-Cur
9T R White-Crys Clr-Twink-Posh-Scotty-Wht Drmy

9T Oci Black-Blush Quartz-Porc-Tiger Curl-Wild Tiger-BS Frazz

6T Burmese Plat-Tap Royale-Cur-Soft Fold-White TWIN BOYS
9T 3 Spot-Ody Adore-Twink-Fluffy-Scotty-Flame Drmy MEGA

AP: 9T Ben Char-Exotic Brz-Twink-Plush-Soft Curl-Flame Lite Drm

Raffle: 8T Sil&Wht Tabby-EJ-Twink-Plush-Scotty-Latte Swank

3:00 pm At CatTales

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