Thursday 8AM in the Garden

KittyCatS! with Kiki

We’ve got quite a nice little line-up going today at 8AM at CatTales, and I certainly hope you can join us!

– SIBLING Aby. Cremes w/ Platinum, Twink., Chop Chop/Shorty, Wild Tiger, Chocolate/White
– (F) Tonkinese Blue Mink w/ SOUL WHISPER, Blush, Fluffy, Scotty Fold, Latte OFW
– (M) Tonkinese Champagne, Blush Quartz, Tiger Curl, Wild Tiger TOY
– (F) Toyger Caramel, Ex. Journey, Flair, Puff, Ody. 2, Latte OFW
– (M) Toyger Caramel, Ody. Bel., Flair, Ody. 2, Latte OFW
– (F) Toyger Tan, Tap. Allure, Swanky, MEGAPUSS!
– (F) Tonkinese Blue Point w/ Soul Sparkle, Lush, Cream Double Plush!

+ KittyCorn Spring Kissed on the raffle board, only L$50 to enter!

Panels available, if you’d like to put up a kitty today! Auction is at 8AM SLT.

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