9am Saturday with Mirsoul at CatTales

So many beautiful kitties! Don’t miss out on your chance to take one home!

7T Burmilla Choc-Soul Whisp-Snappy-Scotty-Crm D Drmy
9T Tonk Blue-Pewter-Glitter-Fussy-Pixie-Latte OFW
5T Gen Ginger II-18 Carat-Sporty-Soft Fold BooBoo-BS TEACUP
7T BSH-Morning Dew-Glitter-Cur-PsF-Myst
9T Ben Black-Wild Cherry-Glitter-Shorty-Scotty-Latte Myst BDB
9T Mookitty-Ody Bel-Porc-Fluffy-Soctyt-BW OFW
9T Mookitty-Ody Bel-Porc-Fluffy-Scotty-BW OFW (SIBS)
7T Oci Lav-Exot Brz-Twink-Wavy-Scotty-Cream Drmy
9T Red Tabby-Light Wash-Twink-Drmy-MoF-Latte OFW
8T Russian Black-Gal com-Blush-Fluffy-Scotty-Butter D Plush

AP: 8T Aby Crm-Gal Com-Twink-Scotty-Latte D Plush MEGA
Raffle: Siam Seal-Gal Star-Blush-Fluffy-Wild Tiger-Blk Drmy

9:00am at CatTales!

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