Early Bird Auction with Mirsoul 6am Sunday

It may be early, but these kitties have already got it Going On!

Simply Gorgeous kitties waiting for you to take them home.

9T SSH-Gerb Blue-Twink-Lush-Scotty-Latte D Plush
9T Blk&Wht #3-Onyx-Twink-Fluffy-Scotty-Latte Drmy
8T Toyger Tan-Jade-Tiger Curl-Rounded BooBoo-Late OFW
9T Aby Cin-Pumpkin-Blush-fluffy-Scotty-Flame D Plush
8T Aby Crm-Ody Bel-Porc-fluffy-Scotty- Fold-D Plush
8T Moo-Pewter-Porc-Posh-PsF-Black Myst MEGAPUS PERMA
9T Tonk Nat-Gerb Orange-Porc-Lush-Scotty-BW D Plush
9T Red Tab-Gal Com-Blush-Fluffy-Scotty-Latte D Drmy

AP: 8T Tonk Champ-Grass-Posh-Myst-Black D Plush
Raffle: 8T Burm Blue-Plat-Twink-Fluffy-Soft Curl-Latte Myst

Join us for fun, fur and fantasical kitties!

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