Early Bird Auction with Mirsoul at 6am on Sunday

The eyes have it today! A great lineup all the way around!

9T Aus Blue-Gerb Blue-Twink-Lush-Scotty-Flame Drmy
7T Toyger Tan-Soul Spark-Glitter-Latte Drmy
8T Tonk Blue-Fancie Grn-Blush-Bent BooBoo-Drmy Fold-Latte
7T R Black-Starry Baby-Glitter-Myst-Wht Plush
9T Aus Snow-Gal Moon-Twink-Cur-Soft Curl-Blk Myst
4T Gen Pearl-Fire-Flair-Myst-Wht MEGA
9T Aus Blue-Onyx-Twink-Drmy-Soft Curl-Flame D Drmy TOY
7T Aby Lilac-Od Gal-Illume-Myst-Latte Stubby

AP: 8T Aby Fawn-Light Wash-Porc-Frisky-Pixie-Wht Myst
Raffle: 8T Aby Crm-Changing Leaf-Twink-Fussy-MoF-Latte

Join us for fun, fur and fantasical kitties!

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