KittyCatS with Kiki in the Garden at CatTales!


Fantastic felines on the panels today in the Garden! Come on over and join us at 9AM SLT!

Our line-up features:
♂ Bengal Black. TRIPLE TIGER (Jade), Blush, Black Dreamy BdB!
♀ Aus. Mist Lilac Marble., Galaxy Star, Blush, Posh, Dreamy. Fold, Latte Double Snappy!
♂ Abyssinian Dark Chocolate., SOUL WHISPER, Blush, Fluffy, Soft Curl, Chocolate Tipped OFW!
♂ American Shorthair Red Tabby, Dry Olive, Puff, Dreamy Fold, 2TB&W Dreamy!
♀ Russian Black., Blacklight, Glitter, Curious, Rounded, Whtite Mysterious!
♀ Ocicat Cinnamon Silver, Cognac, Glitter, Plush, Odyssey #2, Blonde Streaked Dreamy!
♂♀ SIBLINGS American Shorthair Silver Tabby, Blacklight, Porcelain, Mysterious., Rounded, White Mysterious!

PLUS! L$50 Raffle Cat: Tonkinese Blue Point, Soul Sparkle, Lush, Cream Double Plush!
And cutie Toyger Tan with Galaxy Star eyes on the Auctioneer’s Panel!


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