KittyCatS with Kiki – Tuesday July 18

July 18 Line-Up Preview
Hey CatTales!  We have an absolutely amazing line-up of kitties for you today! We hope that you will be able to join us at 9AM SLT at Kiki’s Garden @ CatTales

  • Raffle Kitty:  Ocicat Black, Perfect Exotic Journey, Twinkle shade, Genesis tail, Scotty Fold ears, Black Guitar whiskers!
  • Auctioneer’s Panel: Scottish Shorthair Brown & White, Perfect Odyssey Bellini, Porcelain shade, Wild tail, Soft Curl ears, Dark Chocolate Light Wave whiskers!
  • Panel One: HIDES CHOCOLATE TIPPED FLAME! American Shorthair Red & White Tabby, Changing Leaf eyes, Mysterious ears, Chocolate Tipped Snappy whiskers!
  • Panel Three: Silent Night – Advent 2014 PermaPet!
  • Panel Four: Russian Black, Perfect Galaxy Nebula, Blush shade, Lush tail, Scotty Fold ears, Black Wavy whiskers!
  • Panel Five: Burmilla Red Silver Shaded, Perfect Dry Olive eyes, Chop Chop tail, Scotty Fold ears, Latte Double Snappy whiskers!
  • Panel Six: Australian Mist Charcoal, Genesis Sunflower, Chop Chop tail, Odyssey Rounded Fold ears, Blonde Streaked Stubby whiskers!
  • Panel Seven: Russian Black, Perfect Blacklight eyes, Curious tail, Rounded ears, White Mysterious whiskers!
  • Panel Eight: Siamese Seal, Perfect Odyssey Bellini eyes, Dreamy tail, Rounded ears, Black Lite Dream whiskers & BIGGER DE BIG!
  • Panel Ten: Australian Mist Fawn, Perfect Malachite eyes, Blush shade, Fussy tail, Rounded Fold ears, Black Odyssey FrazzyWave whiskers!

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