Saturday Coffee and Cats with Mirsoul

Join me Saturday at 9am for our first of two auctions! ¬†We have some stellar kitties up for auction today, don’t miss out.

9T Tonk Blue-Gal Star-Blush-Fluffy-Drmy Fold-Latte D Plush
9T Tonk Nat-Dry Olive-Blush-Fluffy-Scotty-BS D Plush
9T Moo-Pewter-Twink-Fluffy-Ody Round BooBoo-Mono D Plush
7T Oci Black-Tap Roy-Flair-Myst-Choc Tip D Plush
9T Aby Dark-Gal Star-Twink-Posh-Scotty-BW OFW
Mardi Gras II – Fat Cat Boy
Mardi Gras II – Fat Cat Girl
8T Toyger Silver-EJ-Twink-Fluffy-Scotty-Latte D Plush
7T Toyger Caramel-EJ-Twink-Ody 2-Latte D Plush
9T Burmilla Choc-Plum-Twink-Fluffy-Soft Fold- D Choc D Plush

AP: 9T Burmilla Red-Gal Sun-Twink-Booboo-MoF-Latte Wavy
Raffle: 9T Aby Ruddy-Exot Brz-Glitter-Myst-Scotty-Wht Fussy

9:00am at CatTales!

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