Thursday 3pm with Mirsoul

We have a fabulous lineup today! ¬†Old hard to find traits, new traits…eyes, furs…we have it all!

7T B Russian-Oceania-Myst-Foxie-White TOY
9T Burmilla Choc-Ody Bel-Blush-Fluffy-Drmy Fold-Choc Tip D Plush
9T SS Red-Mocha-Twink-Puff-Scotty-Buttersc OFW
9T SS Red-Mocha-Twink-Puff-Scotty-Buttersc D Plush (Sibs)
9T Tonk Nat-Tap Harv-Porc-Fluffy-Soft Curl-Wht OFW
9T R Black-Gal Sun-Illume-Fluffy-Round-Choc Tip Drmy BdB
Confetti Blueberry
9T Siam Seal-Ody Bel-Blush-Drmy-Rounded-Blk Lite Drm BdB
8T Silver Tab-Gal Trip-Fluffy-MoF-Black OFW BdB
8T Silver Tab-Ody Bel-Porc-Drmy-Soft Curl-D Plush (Sibs)
8T Tonk Blue-EJ-Twink-Posh-Scotty-BS

AP: 9T Aby Ruddy-Exot Brz-Glitter-Myst-Scotty-White Fussy
Raffle: 7T Tonk Bl Pnt-Gal Trip-Porc-Plush-Pixie-White Sassy

3:00 pm Thursday At CatTales

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