KittyCatS with Kiki at the Beach – 13 August

KittyCats! with Kiki @ the Beach

We have an absolutely awesome line-up for this morning, including a megapuss Ubercats – Dare, and so, so much more awesomeness.  Check out the kitties!  And come on over at 10:30AM SLT!  Here’s a ride to the beach: Panel One ♂ New Born Kitten – Brought to us by Coverboy! Fur: Toyger – Silver […]

Early Bird Auction with Mirsoul

Another stellar lineup.  Grab your pajama’s, smokes, coffee, tea..whatever you need and c’mon over! AP  ♀ New Born Kitten Fur: Siamese – Seal Eyes: Onyx (Shape: Mysterious | Pupil: Big) Shade: Porcelain Tail: Dreamy Ears: Scotty Fold Whiskers: Latte (Shape: Odyssey FrazzyWave) Size: Normal Panel 1 ♂ New Born Kitten Fur: Ocicat – Chocolate Eyes: […]

KittyCats with Kiki in the Garden – Tonkinese Lilac Tortie, Sparkle Surprise, Equine ears and so much more!

Tues. August 1 Auction

We have an amazing line-up today that includes brand new traits! Sparkle Surprise eyes, Tonkinese Lilac Tortie fur, Equine ears! There is a fantastic feline on every single panel, please see the full post for all the details! It all happens at 9AM at