KittyCatS with Kiki in the Garden – 19 September

Holy cow. Or, rather, holy cat?! We have some really amazing KittyCatS up for grabs today at auction, including Burmilla – Lilac Silver Shaded, a Siamese – Chocolate Tortie with Soul Whisper and Equine ears, and a gorgeous little Tonkinese – Lilac Tortie who just needs a shade & whisker shape for a full 9T! Please come and join us at 9AM SLT @ CatTaleS for fantastical feline festivities!

Early Bird KittyCats Auction

Yet another round of stunning kitties for you! Grab your robe and slippers and come on over! AP ♂ Deegan ҉ 0 days ♥ 0% ☻ 99% ↯ 94% 모☁ 0% Fur: Burmese – Sable Eyes: Tranquility (Shape: Mysterious | Pupil: Small) Shade: Blush Tail: Mysterious Ears: Pixie Point Whiskers: White (Shape: Fussy) Size: 12 […]