Kitties with Kiki in the Garden – 31 October

Come and join us for a sweet line-up of kitties which includes:

♀ TOY Toyger Caramel, Ocean Mist, Gltr., Fluffy, S. Curl, Choc. Swanky!
♂♀ Sibling Toyger Silvers, Morning Glory, Twk., Fluffy, Scotty, Wh. D. Plush!
♀ TEACUP Tonk. Blue Mink, Soul Sparkle, Illume, Fluffy, S. Curl, Latte D. Plush!
♀ Bali. Seal, Beach Blue, Flair, Plush, Sf. Fold, Wht. Myst.!
♀ Aby. Dk. Choc., UBER ODY., Latte D. Plush!
♀ Burm. Red, Pumpkin, Porc., Boo Boo, Butterscotch Boo Boo!
♀ Ben. Blk., Jade, Porc., Myst., Ody. No. 2, Blk. Frazzled!
♂ Bali. Cream, Jade, Twk., T. Curl, Ody. No. 2, Wh. Stubby!
♀ MEGAPUSS Burm. Choc., Ex. Journey, Blush, Dreamy, Scotty, Bl. Str. Dreamy!
♂ Toyger Caramel, Gen. Ever., Twk., Plush, Scotty, Flame D. Plush!
♀ TEACUP Aby. Cin., Pumpkin, Gltr., Fluffy, Scotty, Wht.Lt. Wave!

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