Kitties with Kiki @ The Beach – 28 October

We have an absolutely fantastic feline-up today, including Tufted ears on one cat, Super Posh tail on another! We hope that you will join us this morning at 10:30am SLT at Kiki’s Beach at CatTales!

Here are the cats we have on the way for you today:

♀ Burmilla Blue with Soul Sparkle eyes, Tufted ears, and Blonde Streaked whiskers.
♀ Toyger Caramel with Galaxy Star eyes, Glitter shade, Super Posh tail, Scotty Fold ears, and Chcoolate Stubby whiskers.
♀ Foxie Chestnut with Odyssey Bellini eyes, Porcelain shade, Fluffy tail, Soft Curl ears, and Flame Double Plush whiskers.
♀ Burmilla Chocolate Silver Shaded with Galaxy Star eyes, Blush shade, Snappy tail and, Flame Double Plush whiskers.
♀ Siamese Chocolate Tortie with Fancie Teal Diamond eyes, Twinkle shade, Fussy tail, Soft Curl ears and, Dark Chocolate Snappy whiskers.
♀♂ Sibling Set of American Shorthair Silver & White Tabbies with Onyx eyes, Blush shade, Posh tail, Scotty Fold ears and, 2-Tone Black & White Dreamy whiskers.
♀ Russian White with Crystal Dream eyes, Flair shade, Boo Boo tail, Big Boo Boo ears, and White Mysterious whiskers.
♂ Abyssinian Dark Chocolate with Pomegranate eyes, Twinkle shade, Posh tail, Wild Tiger ears, and Black Mysterious whiskers.
♂ Ocicat Black with Tapestry Reef eyes, Twinkle shade, Mysterious tail, Odyssey No. 1 ears, and Dark Chocolate Curious whiskers.
♂ Toyger Caramel with Pumpkin eyes, Gltitter shade, Fluffy tail, Mysterious Odyssey Fold ears, and Chocolate Double Dreamy whiskers.

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