Kitties with Kiki at the Beach – 4 November

We have an amazing line-up of kitties at the Beach at CatTaleS!  Just look at those pretty feline faces!  Please join us at 10:30 AM SLT at CatTaleS!

AP: Russ. Blk., Gal. Burst, Porc., Posh, Scotty, Boo Boo!
• Tonkinese Lilac Tortie, Crystal Clear, Fluffy, Scotty Fold, 2TBW Light Wave!
• Bengal Black., Soul Sparkle, Porcelain, Tiger Curl, Wild Tiger, Black Double Snappy!
• Burmilla Chocolate Silver Shaded, Soul Sparkle, SUPER POSH, Scotty Fold, Latte Swanky Lite!
• American Shorthair Cream Tabby, Changing Leaf, Blush, Fussy, Scotty Fold, Flame Swanky!
• Siamese Seal, Mercury, Illume, Big Boo Boo, Soft Curl, Black!
• Toyger Tan, Wild Odyssey, Porcelain, Puff, Soft Curl, Black Boo Boo!
• Russian White, Opaline, Twinkle, Fluffy, Soft Curl, Latte Dreamy!
• Toyger Silver, Odyssey Bellini, Twinkle, Fluffy, Dreamy Fold, Latte Double Stubby!
• Tonkinese Lilac Tortie, Fancie Indigo Diamond, Illume, Sassy, Foxie, Latte Dreamy!
• TOY Toyger Caramel, Pumpkin, Fluffy, Mysterious Odyssey Fold, Chocolate Double Stubby!
• Australian Mist Blue Marble, Moss, Porcelain, Posh, Scotty Fold, Blonde Streaked Double Plush!

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