Kitties with Kiki in the Garden – 7 November

We have a fantastic line-up for you today, so please join us in the Garden at CatTales!

Line-up includes:

BURMILLA LILAC SHADED, Exotic Seas, Twk., Posh, S. Curl, Wh. D. Dreamy! 9T!
• PAIR! Tonk. Nat. Mink, Fancie Rose, Porc., Sassy, EQUINE, Flame Stubby + Gen. Mocha, TUFTED!
• Toyger Silv., Ice Crystal, Twk., Puff, Rd. Fold, Choc. Tip. Flame Fussy!
MEGA Ocicat Blk., Pumpkin, Gltr., Plush, Vampire, Blk. Light Wave!
• Chat. Grey & White 2, Fancie Teal, Blush, Super Posh, ORF, Dk. Choc. Snappy!
• Russ. Blk., Galaxy Comet, Blush, Plush, Scotty, Blk. D. Plush!
• Toyger Car., Twk., Myst., Scotty, Latte D. Dreamy!
• BdB Toyger Silv., Morning Glory, Porc., Fluffy, ORBB, Wh. D. Plush!
• Tonk. Blue Mink, Ody. Adore, Blush, Posh, D. Fold, Latte D. Plush!
IDENTICAL TWINS: Tonk. Lilac Tortie, Morning Glory, Twk., Curious, Scotty, Fl. D. Snappy!


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