MSF/Doctors Without Borders Benefit Tandem Auction

Good morning, good morning!

As most of our CatTaleS patrons and friends already know, every second Saturday of each month, Mirsoul and I will be doing a tandem auction.   We have decided that for each of these special, once per month auctions, that we would like to work to support some good causes!   This month, we’re asking that all of our sellers’ tips go into a Spoonful of Sugar kiosk with proceeds going to benefit Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders.   If you would like more information on Spoonful of Sugar or MSF/Doctors Without Borders, please feel free to click on their respective links!

If you have questions about the kiosk, or the Spoonful of Sugar event, or how we’re working with SoS to make the in-world donations possible, you may contact me (Kiki, Micaela Lemondrop) in SL.  We want to be very transparent about where your L$ are going!

Mirsoul and I hope to make our tandem auctions something special each month, and while doing so, we very much want to support some good causes, such as MSF/Doctors Without Borders, and also, in the future, Relay for Life of SL.   If you have other suggestions for charities with in-world presence, please let me or Mirsoul know.  Their in-world presence is important to us because of our desire to be 100% transparent, but we hope to be able to, in some small way at least, do some good in the world through our auctions.

We want you to know, each of our patrons, and our friends, how much we appreciate you!  While we have not asked that our sellers donate their cats, only that they contribute their tips from sales to the kiosk instead of having them go to Mirsoul or Kiki, many of you have generously offered to contribute the proceeds of your sales.  From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you so much for your generosity.

We want it noted that though we will be supporting one good cause or another each month, that we do not expect our sellers to always donate cats – we know how important it is to feed your kitties so you can keep your hobby alive!  If you do choose to donate the proceeds of your sales, though, we will always have an appropriate kiosk for each auction … and don’t forget – every little helps!

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