CatTales Holiday Snapshot Contest!


  • 1st Place: L$1000 KittyCatS Gift Card | 4 Weeks CatTales Rent (8Wk Carts)
  • 2nd Place: L$500 KittyCatS Gift Card | 2 Weeks CatTales Rent (4Wk Carts)
  • 3rd Place: L$250 KittyCatS Gift Card | 1 Week CatTales REnt (2Wk Carts)


  1. Snapshots only! In order to make this fair and open to as many as possible, no outside tools may be used on your snapshots! Any in-world photo tools, such as HUDs, lighting, environments, etc are permitted.
  2. Entries must have at least one KittyCats in the shot!  You may have more than one, and you may have one or more avatar in your photo, but there’s just gotta be a cat!
  3. Entries must be holiday themed!  Now, there are multiple holidays that happen this time of year to choose from, so keep in mind it doesn’t have to be Christmas, specifically. Show us what the holidays mean to you!  Maybe they mean family, and friends, and togetherness.  Maybe it means cooking & decorating! Maybe it means it’s time to celebrate the closing of the year, and hope for the one to come.  Whatever it means to you specifically is what we want to see!
  4. No nudity, please!  Now, something somewhat suggestive is okay, but your naughty bits need to be covered!  CatTales endeavors to be welcoming to all, young, old, somewhere in the middle, and that does include child avatars and slightly prudish souls, too.
  5. Submissions must be sent to Kiki (Micaela Lemondrop) with full permissions from 1 Dec. 2017 through to 14 Dec. 2017.   You must title your snapshot “CatTales Holiday Contest – [YOUR NAME]” and again, it must be full permission!  Additionally, in-world snapshots specifically are required, as we have no other means to be sure that the photo was not manipulated using outside tools.
  6. Snapshots will be on display in the CatTales landing area from 15 Dec. 2017 until 31 Dec. 2017.  Voting will be enabled throughout this entire time.  You may vote for multiple entries, but only once per entry. The results of voting will be announced on 1 Jan. 2018.
  7. The contest is open to all residents, provided that they meet the criteria detailed above.  This does include CatTales Auctioneers, and employees, the only exceptions being Kiki and Mirsoul.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Kiki (Micaela Lemondrop) or Mirsoul Macbeth (Mirsoul Resident) in world.

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