Kitties with Kiki – Saturday 10:30 AM










We have an amazing line-up for today’s auction which includes:

↘ ʚCHARITY KITTY (MSF)ɞ: Teacup Burmilla Lilac, Exotic Seas, Soft Curl, Double Dreamy!
↘ (M) Toyger Silver, Galaxy Moon, Blush, Fluffy, Scotty, Latte Swanky!
↘ (F) Maneki Dreams Togetherness Dream Mega!
↘ (M) Burm. Champ., Uber Ody., Illume, Sassy, Scotty, Wh. D. Plush
↘ (F) Tonk. Lilac Tortie, Morning Glory, Blush, Super Posh, Scotty, Fl. D. Dreamy!
↘ (F) Oci. Choc., Full Moon, Porc., Fluffy, S. Curl, Choc. Tip. D. Plush!
↘ (F) Triple Tiger Teacup Russ. Blk. w/ Black Plush!
↘ (F) Burm. Choc., Ocean Mist, Blush, Fluffy, Scotty, Choc. Tip. D. Dreamy!
↘ (M) Tonk. Lilac Tortie, Twilight, Posh, Boo Boo, D. Snappy!
↘ (F) Toy Aus. Mist Charcoal, Sassy, Rounded, Odyssey FrazzyWave!

Please come and join us at 10:30 AM at the Beach at CatTales!

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