Kitties with Kiki on the Beach – 6 January

We have an amazing line-up for this morning’s 10:30 AM SLT auction with yours truly on the beach at CatTaleS!  Check out the image attached for previews of all the lovely felines, and please join us at Kiki’s Beach!

↘ (M) TOYGER COAL, Ody. Bel., Gltr., Scotty Fold, White!
↘ (M) Burmilla Chocolate, Glitter, Choc. Tip. Flame Hiding Butterscotch Black Tipped!
↘ (F) DogCat HNY 2018 Russ Blk., Destiny Skyline, Blush, Dreamy, Scotty, Dk. Choc. D. Snappy!
↘ (F) Burmese Blue, Destiny Rivers, Blush, Dreamy, TUFTED, Latte D. Dreamy!
↘ (M) Foxie Auburn, Shamrock, Porcelain, Plush, Scotty, Wh. Plush!
↘ (F) Chat. Pink & White, Blush Quartz, Illume, Tiger Curl, Wild Tiger, Wh. Myst!
↘ (F) Toyger Caramel, Pomegranate, Blush, Myst., Scotty, Latte D. Plush!
↘ (M) DogCat Happy New Year 2018 Destiny Waters, Puff, Dreamy Fold!
↘ (M) MEGA Foxie Chestnut, Destiny Rivers, Dreamy, Scotty, Choc. Tip. D. Plush!
↘ (F) Chat. Cream & White No. 1, Galaxy Star, Illume, Puffy, Scotty, Cream Fussy!
↘ (M) Tonk. Blue Mink, Ex. Breeze, Twinkle, Puff, S. Curl, Monochrome D. Dreamy!
↘ (F) Tonk. Lilac Tortie, Pewter, Fluffy, Foxie, Wh. Frazzled!

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