Early Bird KittyCats Auction with Mirsoul 6am

Grab that morning beverage and join me at CatTales.  We have some epic kitties for you this morning, take one home…you know you want to.

9T TCaramel-Gal Star-Blush-Posh-SF-Flame DD (M)
9T TCaramel-Gal Star-Blush-Posh-SF-Flame DD (F)
9T Tonk Blue-Gal Star-Twink-Fluffy-SC-CT Swanky LIte
9T Crm&White 1-Ody Bel-blush-Dreamy-SF-Latte Stubby
6T TSilber-Soul Spark-Twink-fluffy-Tufted BDB
9T Burmilla LIlac-Tranq-Blush-Fluffy-SF-Flame OFW
8T Tonk LIlac-EJ-Lush-Myst-Chocolate DSnappy
5T TCoal-Illume-Rounded
9T Ben Bjlue-Soul Whisp-Blush-Posh-Ody Rounded Fold-White DP
7T TTawny-Malachihte-Illume-fluffy-DC-Flame

AP 8T Siam Flame-Gal Burst-blush-Fluffy-SF-BW Dreamy
Raffle: 8T RBlack-Ody Carn-Sassy-Equine-Latte OFW

Join me for early morning shenanigans!

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